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Social Work with Communities and organizations

The SOSW 373 Social Work with Communities and organizations course provides students with the skills to influence program development and community organizing and focuses on the organizational context of the practice. Students studying this course will focus on developing skills and knowledge for social work practice and also develop skills for communities and organizations.

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Check out the list of some of the relevant courses which are covered by the Tutors from ExpertsMinds below:

  • SOSW 140 Foundations of Social Work Practice
  • SOSW 484 Social Work Practice & Skills II
  • SOSW 355 Victimology
  • SOSW 220 Contemporary Social Work Practice
  • SOSW 372 Social Work with Groups
  • SOSW 321 Helping Philosophy & Methods
  • SOSW 371 Social Work with Individuals and Families
  • SOSW 325 Crisis Intervention
  • SOSW 483 Social Work Practice &amp; Skills I
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