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SOC 225 Sociology of The Family

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In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the social sciences paid particular attention to the study of family subjects. This is due to modern family disasters, the inefficiency in the performance of leadership functions, and the need for low exposure factors that lead to catastrophe. Since traditionally, people have been concerned about marriage, family, and relationships, especially the renewal, existence, education, and protection of groups, consequently classical sociologists and intellectuals took family matters very seriously.

The family is the most significant institution for group reproduction and socialization; it is no coincidence that nearly every financial republic in the world centers on family studies and has published a great deal on family and marriage issues. Furthermore, all benchmarks of sociology are the socialization of the family part and the child.

There are too few studies leading to the sociology of the family and even fewer guides leading to the sociology of the family. The reason for this may be "bourgeois science", where demography and sociology were banned along with genetics in the 1930s.

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