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SOC 13 Juvenile Delinquency

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The SOC 13 Juvenile Delinquency course module is all about the sociology of delinquency comprises the study of delinquency, associated behavior, and juvenile justice. It emphasizes on the nature and extent of delinquency, the basics of delinquency, patterns of delinquency, along with the social response to delinquency. In this course, the students will study about the scientific approach to understanding delinquency and juvenile justice. All through the course, students will be considering the concepts, strategies, and terminology of criminology by way of lectures, discussions, group activities, along with media.

Course objectives:

  • To enrich student understanding of delinquency, delinquent behavior, along with the reaction to delinquency
  • To introduce students to the broad array of ideas, topics, issues, along with the terminology employed by those who study delinquency and juvenile justice.
  • To build up critical thinking and problem-solving skills comprises in "doing" sociology.
  • To explain how sociological knowledge concerning delinquency can be utilized in the real world.

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