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ANSC 304 Feeds and Feeding

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The ANSC 304 Feeds and Feeding course mainly provide students the thorough discussion of feedstuffs utilized for domestic animals, animal nutrient necessities, ration balancing, feedstuff processing along with the feed safety. Digestibility of feeds, their nutritional values, classification and grading, fundamentals of ration formulation and computer ration formulations, along with the practical feeding of farm animals are studied in this course.

By the end of the term, the students will be capable to:

  • Assess different feeds and feedstuffs.
  • Recognize feedstuffs and be familiar with when to and when not to use them.
  • Describe how feed processing impacts nutrient usage by animals;
  • State major chemical components along with their functions in animal feeds and feed constituents.
  • Bind the laws and regulations concerning animal feeding and feed labeling to feed security.

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