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SCIN 1120 Natural Disasters

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This SCIN 1120 Natural Disasters course discusses how and when natural disasters take place, how to recognize and categorize them, and what Earth processes lead to natural disasters and global transformation. Natural disasters like earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, severe weather, floods, hurricanes, meteorite impacts, forest fires, and climate transformation will be learned in detail. The main aim of this course is to assist students in developing both an understanding of natural hazards and disasters and improve their understanding of scientific approaches to problem solving. Latest events and historic catastrophes will be learned by means of lecture, internet, and video. The main focus will be placed on the scientific principles accountable for specific disaster types, along with the risk evaluation and disaster planning associated to the future natural disasters.

Are academic tasks related to above course have to be completed and submitted within the given time period or else students lose their academic grades. Over-dependency on internet sources for notes will strain the student academically. There is tons of inaccurate information on the internet that comes from non-scientific sources. Students who consume and re-offer such information in their assignments and homework can undoubtedly perform poorly.

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