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JOUR 131 News Writing

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The JOUR 131 News Writing course introduces students news writing in its diverse forms such as news stories, thought-provoking opinions, along with stimulating reviews. The course analyzes the collection, processing and writing of news and information on contemporary matters by means of professional standards in both print and online news production. Assessments of present and historical case studies that exemplify demographic, social, and moral aspects of journalism are studied under this course.

Course learning objectives: By the successful completion of the course, the students will be competent to:

  • Recognize the key ideas and key supporting details of news and feature stories.
  • Examine the standard organizational structure of feature stories, news stories, opinions and reviews.
  • Examine how professional writers make use of quotations and information from a diversity of sources to prepare a balanced and precise news story.
  • Assess bias and precision in sources.
  • Assess the efficiency of different forms of writing news.
  • Study moral practices both present and historical in writing news for objective audiences.

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