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The Role of Government Paper Assignment Help

Write a 1,050--word paper documenting the conversation that the two of you might have. The U.S. Constitution is a good reference for this paper. In the dialogue, you should discuss the following topics with the founding father:

Explain the roles of the various branches of government, their administrative functions, and their structural and political characteristics.

Provide at least two examples for both exclusive federal powers and exclusive state powers.

Describe the role courts play in determining the nature of federal-state relations.

Discuss the recommendations you have to improve or maximize the efficiencies of the federalist representative form of government.

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Federal law is the body that will be governed under the U.S. constitution having certain rules and regulation in the country. This body will be framed through various political units that have some power and authority to govern the country (Hijmans, 2016). They are responsible for governing international affairs, currency, national defense and interstate commerce.

Main Body 

Role of different branches of the government 

There are mainly three branches of government that are as follows:

Legislative: - This branch will be lead down by congress under the United States and include both houses of representatives and senate. The role of this branch is to make laws and bringing change in existing laws of the country. 

Executive: - The executive branch leads down by the president of the country and also include advisor of the president in the country. Its role is to execute laws in the country by performing different activities that lead to bringing out various aspects for the future (Gil-Garcia, Zhang & Puron-Cid, 2016).

Judicial: - Under, these laws will be evaluated by supreme and other courts that lead to creating various changes that will be more effective in the business. The role of this type of government is to interpreting laws that will be more useful for the future. 

 Administrative functions 

The main function of the legislative branch is to create law by doing effective research and passing into it in the country by the government. Executive branch function is to enforce the law by maintaining order in the country (Caparini, 2016). Another function is to protect the integrity of the country. Lastly, the judicial branch function is to provide justice to the people related to punishment and reward that will be enhanced for the future. 

Structural and political characteristics

The legislative branch will be formed for the purpose of making law, and that will be governed for the future purpose in making various laws and creating development for the future. On the other hand, the executive branch responsible for executing laws and regulation that will be held in the company. In addition to it, the judicial branch help in providing various aspects that will be more effective. All these branches of government provide effective role in maintaining various aspects that will be more suitable for bringing out changes in laws and regulation in the country. For the purpose of enforcing law that help in conducting effective study that may lead in creating law and emphasizing various aspects in the business. 

Examples related to exclusive federal power and exclusive state power 

Exclusive federal power: - This type of power is in the hands of the national government that will be reserved by the federal government (Dahan, Doh & Raelin, 2015). In this only federal government responsible for regulating mail and conducting foreign affairs for protecting the country from various illegal activities. Example of exclusive power includes the right to declare war, right for establishing and maintaining the postal system. 

Exclusive state power: - These powers were in the hand of state government that led in emphasizing various functions and implementing different laws in the country (Smolenski & Welch, 2018). There are several changes that will be made in maintaining different purpose that will be more effective and creating various exclusive power of the state. Example: Collecting taxes, making and enforcing laws, spending money for the general welfare. 

Nature of federal-state relations

Federal state relations referred to as the relationship between federal government and authority that will be held by the state for governing constitution in the country. On the other hand, the federal government has some powers that lead down in prohibiting certain laws and regulations that affect operations in the country (KRISLOV, 2016). This is considered to be the most innovative idea that will be appeared for the running constitution in the country for the longer term. There are different provisions that are outlining two types of government that include state and national. On the other hand, there are two aspects that will be included in federalism, such as static and dynamic.

Apart from this, dynamic nature emphasizes on developing relations with functions and powers that will be related to finding out solutions to the problem. In addition to it, it will also include a static pattern that helps in solving the problem for articulating and protecting society for maintaining the institutional structure (Caracappa, 2018). Further, it will be stated that the legal framework will be followed that help in evaluating various perspective and building changes that lead to creating negotiations and protecting for enabling negotiations. There are several impacts of negotiation that includes political, social, economic and historical forces that help in reflecting the condition of the country. The federation that will be governed in the business lead in bringing out emphasize for making changes in the constitution and developing future aspect in the country.  


It can be recommended that for improving efficiencies under a federalist representative form of government that help in developing an enterprise for enhancing performance plan and driven goals and mission for taking priority in the business and making it in achieving strategic goals performance. Further, it can be recommended that building portfolios help in aligning goals that help in making efficient use of resources in the country. In addition to it, establishing independent office evaluation that helps in assessing performance and measuring several changes for the future. It will also be recommended that making government data that will be readable by machine for enhancing the efficiency of the business and evaluating various aspects in consolidating federal agencies and programs that help in performing program and eradicating programs that help in promoting innovation in the business. 

Apart from this, improving cyber security help in improving effectiveness that leads to making several payments and maintaining a balance that helps in ranging various function as it leads to making power generation. 


It can be summarized that legislative, executive and judicial are the three branches of government that emphasize on making new laws and enhancing existing laws by making improvement in them. Several political and structural characteristics that lead in creating an effective implementation of policies and procedures in the country related to managing its function for implementing change and fulfilling business objectives. Exclusive federal and state power that will be governed by state and national government for running its operation in the country. 

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