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MBA404 Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology Assignment - Survey Sample and Analysis, Kaplan Business School, Australia

Task - In this individual assignment, you will be given an opportunity to critically analyse and understand the driving forces of perception, attitudes, motivation, group and individual differences, culture, family and lifestyle that influence consumer behaviour and consequently consumers' purchasing decisions.

Based on the analysis you conducted in Assessment 1, you are required to create a survey via Survey Monkey - a free online instrument. The sample size must include a minimum of 15 participants who recently purchased the chosen product or service that you analysed in Assessment 1. The survey must comprise of 10 questions. You are then required to provide a 6- page summary, analysis and discussion of the key findings from your data collection.

Answer - Survey Sample and Analysis


Consumers and the experience they gather from using the products and services of an organisation are of utmost importance in order to figure out their level of satisfaction. This in turn aids an organisation to figure out its areas where it lags behind other organisations in terms of satisfying customers. The organisation Vegemite is popular in Australia for offering thick and black food spread that is made from the residual of extract of yeast of brewers'. The food spread has spices as well as vegetables added in it. Cyril Percy Callister developed the food spread in Melbourne, Victoria in the year 1922.

In this assignment, results of the survey that was conducted through Survey Monkey has been analysed and evaluated based on the perceptions, attitudes, lifestyle, and differences that exist among people. The behaviour of customers have been analysed in detail with respect to their perception and fondness they have for the food spread of Vegemite.


The main purpose of the survey that was conducted through Survey Monkey was to gather data or statistics regarding the perception, attitude, and behaviour of the customers with respect to the products that are offered by the organisation Vegemite for consumption. The survey was intended to find out the likes and dislikes of people in Australia and the perception they have for the organisation Vegemite as a brand. The survey was to figure out the effectiveness of the marketing and promotional activities that are conducted by the organisation Vegemite in order to attract more customers.

The primary objective of the survey that was conducted through Survey Monkey for the food spread offered by Vegemite has been listed below:

  • To figure out the perception that the customers have from Vegemite as a brand
  • To find out the factors or forces that affect the buying behaviour of customers of food spread offered by Vegemite
  • To figure out if the marketing activities adopted by the organisation Vegemite are effective enough to draw more customers
  • To find out the taste and preferences of the customers so that the organisation Vegemite can reach up to their expectations


Development of a survey instrument

In order to conduct survey in order to find out the perception of customers so that their behaviour with respect to the food spread offered can be figured out the platform that was used is Survey Monkey. The questions that were developed in order to conduct the survey were based on several factors that were mentioned in the brief, that is, the perception, attitude, motivation, lifestyle and the differences that exist among the customers. In order to conduct the survey ten (10) questions were developed based on the aspects that have been mentioned above so that every aspect or force that affects the customers and their buying behaviour can be gathered as well as analysed. This would aid the organisation vegemite can take apt steps in cases where it lacks behind the organisations in the food industry and can reach up to the expectations of the customers.

After the questions were developed, a paid account was created in the platform Survey Monkey so that the feedback of the customers can be gathered as well as analysed. After the account was created and the questions were developed the set of questions were uploaded in the platform and a web link was generated. The web link so generated was then mailed to fifteen (15) customers of the food spread Vegemite. The web link that was mailed directly took the respondents or the customers to the page of survey questions so that they might answer the set of questions. As soon as the feedback of the participants or respondents were obtained the responses so collected was analysed through the platform of Monkey Survey that has been then presented in this report. The results so gathered and analysed illustrates the tastes and preferences of the customers along with the perception they have for the brand as compared with other brands or organisations that offers food spread aptly.

Administration processes

In this assignment, a survey have been conducted through Survey Monkey i.e. an online survey development cloud-based software as the world's leading survey platform. It helps in designing the survey with upmost confidence and maximises the potential of the gathered data and information. The company Survey Monkey provides specialised solutions to its consumers that makes it easy to amalgamate the different responses of the consumers regarding the survey and turn the responses into actionable insights (, 2019). The online instrument was utilised for gathering and assessing the data and information from the selected sample i.e. 15 participants who were involved in the purchase of the specific product i.e. Vegemite. The survey consists of 10 different questions enquired to the participants of the survey. The survey has helped the researcher to understand the key driving forces of attitudes, group and culture impacting the behaviour of consumers and their decisions regarding product purchase.


Data Analysis

The explained assessment of the data that has been amalgamated with the help of the responses gathered from the conduct of the survey is carried out in the below section as follows:

Graph 1 - Analysis on the basis of Age

In the survey conducted via SurveyMonkey, 15 participants were involved and they all belonged to different age groups ranging from 10 years to above 50 years. It can be concluded from the response to the question that a majority of the participants belonged to the age group of between 18 years to 30 years. Hence, this concludes that mostly young generation individuals are interested in purchasing the Vegemite product. The data of the graph reveals that 14 out of 15 participants belonged to the same age group of 18-30 years and their percentage proportion i.e. 93.33% are interested in buying the product. However, 1 participant belonged to the age group of Above 50 years. The data of this graph proposes that Vegemite is a preference of mainly the young generation and people of above 50 years.

Graph 2 - Analysis on the basis of Occupation

The data gathered from graph 2 reveals that all the people who participated in the survey i.e. 15 participants were involved in the working occupation and none of them tended to be student, housewife or retired. Hence, it can be said that Vegemite is a preference of all the people especially involved in the occupation of working.

Graph 3 - Analysis on the basis of choice of food spreads

From the data of the graph, it can be concluded that consumers purchase food spreads on the basis of 4 qualities including its nutritional value, taste, calorie factor and varying mood of the consumers. The graph says that majority of the consumers i.e. 6 out of 15 participant buy food spreads on the basis of its taste. For example, vegemite has a salty taste and contains a strong meaty flavour. 4 participants buy their food spreads on the basis of its nutritional value and Vegemite is the main preference for them as it is an excellent source of vitamins such as B1, B2 and B3. Another 4 participants responded that mood also plays an important factor when planning to purchase a food spread. Lastly, the graph says that 1 participant i.e. 6.67% considers the food spread's calorie value and that participant must be from the age group of Above 50 years. According to the theory, it can be said that consumers plan to buy a product on the basis of some reasons and in this case, maximum percentage of participants buy Vegemite due to its taste.

Graph 4 - Analysis on the basis of flavour preference

According to graph 4, it can be said that maximum proportion of participants prefer chocolate or spicy flavour in food spreads . Chocolate is one of the common and the most favourable flavours of the consumers in the market and due to this, 46.67% i.e. 7 out of 15 participant preferred chocolate flavour where as the same proportion of participant i.e. 46.67% also prefer spicy flavour. Lastly, the remaining proportion i.e. 1 participant preferred mixed fruits flavour in terms of food spreads. Salty is not a preference of any of the active participant and this means that Vegemite would not be a option for them.


Graph 5 - Analysis on the basis of the product's preference over other food spreads

According to the data gathered via graph 5, most people, about 46.67% of the participant prefer purchasing Vegemite due to its taste i.e. salty and has a strong meaty aroma. This is due to the fact that Vegemite is actually made from yeast and this is the reason why it also smells like beer. However, same proportion of participants i.e. 46.67% prefer the product due to its nutritional value. Vegemite contains reduced salt version and this includes various source of proteins and vitamins such as Vitamin B6 and B12. About 1 participant i.e. 6.67% consider its calorie value to be important when choosing Vegemite over other food spreads or product. Lastly, none of the participant consider the content of fat in the product to be important.

Graph 6 - Analysis on the basis of sources that consumers use to gain information regarding food spreads

According to the data presented by graph 6, there are 5 sources that consumer utilise in order to gain various information and details regarding the food spreads. The data concludes that about 26.67% i.e. 4 participant use television as the source for gaining information regarding their favourite food spread or if they want to try something new introduced in the market. The same proportion of consumers i.e. 26.67% of the participant consider discounts and offers to be of help for acknowledging information regarding their food spreads. However, a majority of the 5 participant i.e. about 33.33% take the help of reviews and feedbacks to understand their food spread as in today's generation, reviews play an important part. Lastly, 2 participants consider newspapers to be of very much help when trying to gain information regarding the food spread product available in the market.

Graph 7 - Analysis on the basis of their agreement regarding the promotional activities adopted by the organisation to influence consumer behaviour

According to the data presented by the graph, it can be said that a majority of the participant i.e. 60% strongly agree to the fact that promotional activities or actions conducted by the organisations to market their product/service indirectly or directly influences the consumer's decision of buying. However, the remaining proportion of the participant i.e. about 40% just agree to the fact. In the modern era of business, the main intent of the organisation towards the adoption of the promotional and advertising activities is to influence the purchase intent of the consumers and divert their attention towards their own new products and services being introduced in the market.

Graph 8 - Analysis on the basis of the product's sustainability in the market

According to the data presented by the respective graph, it can be said that, about 53.33% of the participants consider that the offered product Vegemite has the potential to sustain long-term in the market despite of the new entrants in the Australian markets offering different types of food spreads to the target consumers. However, about 33.33% of the participants remain doubtful regarding this thought and they believe that it would be challenging for Vegemite to maintain its position in the market dominating the other competitors. Lastly, only 6.67% do not agree that the product will sustain long-term in the market and it would be easy for the other entrants to establish their position in the market.


Graph 9 - Analysis on the basis of the food preference along with the product

In this question, 6 options were provided to the participants and the graph reveals that majority of the participants i.e. about 40% prefer bread as an accompaniment with Vegemite food spread. About 26.67% participants prefer donuts to be the best and appropriate option to consumer along with Vegemite product. However, 20% of the participants consider filling pastries as the best choice to have along with the serving of Vegemite food spread. Lastly, the remaining proportion of the participants i.e. about 13.33% prefers fries with dip along with Vegemite spread.

Graph 10 - Analysis on the basis of the impact of promotional and marketing activities

According to this graph, a winning majority of the participants i.e. about 93.33% believe that the promotional and marketing activities and actions performed by the respective organisations influences the purchase intent of the consumers against Vegemite food spread. However, the remaining proportion of the participants 6.67% remain doubtful that whether the promotions and advertising activities going on the different platforms of social media have a generous impact on the purchasing decision of the consumers against the main food spread. It is justified and logical that the purchase intent or the purchasing behaviour of the consumers will get diverted and changed if promotional and other advertising activities goes on running on the different platforms of social media.

Key findings

The results that were obtained through the responses that were captured based on the attitude, perception and taste of customers based on the food spread offered by Vegemite seems to be promising. It has been observed that most of the youngsters of the nation Australia seem to have preference for the food spread that is offered by the organisation Vegemite. The people who were surveyed were working professionals and they had a strong affinity for the organisation Vegemite and its food spread. It has been observed that most of the customers of the Vegemite food spread prefer or choose based on its taste (, 2019).

They do not consider the calorie factor of the food products yet a portion of the respondents chooses food on the basis of its nutritional value. Therefore, it is required that Vegemite emphasizes on the taste as well as the nutritional value of the food spread it offers even more as most of its customers choose the product based on these forces itself. It is required that the organisation offers both chocolaty and spicy food spread to the customers as most of the customers prefer that. The survey also showed that most of the customers or consumers choose food products based on the reviews they investigate of other consumers. It is required that the organisation Vegemite focuses on the satisfaction derived by the customers from the consumption of its food product so that the reviews of the customers are positive as if affects the buying behaviour of other consumers and hence its sales as well as profitability.

The organisation Vegemite must emphasize on its marketing as well as promotional activities through televisions along with the discounts as well as offers such that it can attract more customers or consumers so that its sales and profitability can be enhanced. It has been noticed that the promotional activities of the organisation Vegemite affects the buying behaviour of the customers thus the organisation must invest more on its promotional activities. It also affects the repurchasing behaviour of the customers that is retaining its old customers so that it does not lose its customers to other brands. However, it has been observed that most of the customers have positive perception regarding Vegemite thus as per their response the organisation will be capable enough in maintaining its position in the market with respect to its rivals like Nutella and other upcoming brands.



The organisation Vegemite has performing well in the market, as it has been successful in enough in retaining its old customers by using social media platforms for promoting its products. It can be stated that the organisation must make sure that it is able to meet the demands and needs of the customers so that they are satisfied by consuming its food products. This will aid the organisation to increase its sales as the purchasing decision of most of the customers depends upon the reviews they examine that are given by other customers or consumers. The report shows the responses of 15 customers however, it is required that the survey is conducted on a larger scale so that the results so produced are more reliable and valid for the organisation Vegemite to take apt steps accordingly.


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