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Rise and Fall of Rome Assignment Help

The rise and fall of the Roman Empire are pivotal events in human history. For this assignment, you will identify three factors that led to Rome’s rise and three factors that led to its fall.

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The thesis explores the glorious history of the city of Rome and states the various reasons behind its rise and fall. The rise of the Roman Empire can be for the increasing naval power of Rome, instruction of currency and the military expansion. The reasons for the fall of roman power can be attributed to the existence of private armies, dictatorship of Caesar and the triumvirate.

Thesis statement

The study analyses the various reasons behind the rise and fall of the Republic of Rome.


Reasons for the rise of Rome

Rome's naval power

The Roman Empire started controlling all the naval operations in the Mediterranean which helped them increase their military and economical power. Rome had built an advanced naval system which helped them fight off their enemies and strengthen their economic structure. Commercial products were available in abundance and thus trading flourished.

Introduction of currency

Rome first introduced a standard currency system. They used their currency in their trading operations with other foreign countries. This helped them gain political superiority over other countries. The roman currency brought unity in trading between all the areas using the currency. It also helped them raise a lot of revenue (Bond, 2017).

Roman military expansion

In 390 BCE, the Gauls destroyed Rome, but soon after Rome got back on its feet under the leadership of Camillus. Rome fought three Punic wars (Wilson, 2017). In the first two wars they gained power over Sicily, the western part of Mediterranean and parts of Spain (Anderson, 2017). In the third war, they captured and destroyed the city of Carthage. The Romans even expanded in east.

Reasons for the fall of Rome

Rome was fighting in internal turmoil in 133 BCE due to inactive economic conditions in the city of Rome, slavery revolt and military discord (Morrell, 2017). The three reasons behind the fall of Rome are:

Introduction of private armies

The Roman generals C. Marius and L.Cornelius Sulla brought in a new type of army to Rome who were particularly loyal to them rather than Rome. The generals offered land in exchange of their allegiance. The two generals faced each other in 88BCE during the Social War and the Asian rebellion. Sulla pursued Marius till southern Italy to expel them out of Rome. This event started a civil war as the interests of the army started to change from the state to a single individual. Sulla fought against Mithradates and Marian and brought a political reform in Rome as a dictator (White, 2016).

The first Triumvirate

Three most powerful men of Rome Cn. Pompeius Magnus, M. Licinius Crassus and C. Julius Caesar formed a conglomerate to seize power in Rome. Pompey was a celebrated general who fought numerous wars against people who did not support oligarchy (Baehr, 2017). Crassus on the other hand was an officer or Sulla who made a fortune from Sulla's proscriptions. He was successful in owning 20% property in Rome and Italy. Julius was a nephew of Marius and an excellent politician. In a short period of time he became a consulate in 59 BCE with the help of Pompey and Crassus. Although the dynasties of these three men were engaged in rivalry they maintained their political congregation. The combined force did not last much longer and led to a second civil war.

Dictatorship of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar wanted to establish himself as the king of Rome as his solution to reconstruct the condition of Rome. Although, he was not successful, he established himself as the dictator of Rome in 44BCE. He was the only man who controlled the legal system of Rome. He was murdered by a conspiracy of 60 senators. He was succeeded by C. Julius C.F> Caesar Octavianus.


The history of Rome demonstrates that it rose in power due to their thirst for political superiority and wealth. The great civilization saw its end due to these two reasons as well. The three reasons for the rise and fall of Rome has been analysed in the thesis.

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