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Personal Religious Experiences Assignment Help

What did religious choice and freedom have to do with political choice and freedom in American history? How did personal religious experience of the revivals and Great Awakenings of the 18th century influence the American Revolution?

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As the uncertainty prevailed with respect to the future freedom and creating political choices, the United States of America did not have a rightful choice and also did not have a relation as to what religion needs to be followed. As time progressed, it has allowed understanding when the people would require understanding what the total outcome is, needs to have a detailed outcome.

With time, as American people had a growing realization, it has allowed creating an air of realization that they could - along with ten growing purposes of it should have the intention to also create a right to choose and also a reason to worship. It has created an epiphany along with the phase of a new way of thinking which would be carried over and with respect to the political forum as well. This also originally created a choice of what was not and to build rationality of the choice as to what or not to follow a religion. Under this phase, the religious leaders also created laws and build a law of enforcement around them. It is also important to note that during this phase, there was no separate "church and state" what has been known in the modern world. It has also made the people become more tolerant with respect to the others and also created rationality of the acceptance in terms of holding a more valid viewpoint. During this phase, the personal religious experiences would also exist with the revivals and there would be an era of the Great Awakenings which would have created a stir due to the American Revolution. It is also important to note that the episodes of the ideal were more associated with the ideal and the right to determine their own interpretations along with the personal relationship with God (Bailyn, 2017). It has been carried out with respect to the building a political ideology, as due to the progress and more involvement of the government which was essentially been run by the church along with the given religious leaders that could have followed and progressed with the "old" way of thinking.
During this era of the personal religious experience and the Great Awakenings movement, they were obliged to pray and recite the "Engle v Vitale", which was as such required prayer within the federally funded schools. As such the era was no different with respect to the Puritans ruling the government along with creating a religious belief. This was not a part of the "non-denominational", but the objectivity would have created enforcement with respect to the religious beliefs that would allow to include a prayer required in school. The church obliged the people to abide by the bible (Smith, 2017).

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