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a) Is mercy killing humane?the killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease, typically by the administration of large doses of painkilling drug.

b) Thesis:One Should have the right to assess whether their life is worth living because it alleviates suffering of terminally ill patients, a patient has the right to discontinue treatment, andit gives dignity to a dying a person.

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Mercy killing, sometimes referred to as euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide, is the practice where human life is ended intentionally to relieve the individual from their pain and suffering (van der Heide, 2013). It is usually carried out by administering a large dose of painkilling or other suitable drugs. It is however different from palliative sedation, as in that case the patient is made to be unconscious with the help of painkillers, and death eventually takes over naturally.Physician-assisted suicide is the act of painlessly inducing a quick death, thereby terminating the possibility of misery and pain for the patients (Del RÍo&MarvÁn, 2011). There have been numerous controversies surrounding this matter, which has made it a pressing issue for many countries and cultures (Goligher, et al., 2017). It is among the oldest points of interest when it comes to medical ethics (Boudreau & Somerville, 2014). Euthanasia should be a right that every sound-minded individual must have access to, as it helps alleviate the suffering of those that are terminally ill, enabling them to die with dignity instead of being in pain (Hemati, et al., 2016).

There are two broad categorizations of euthanasia - active and passive. Active euthanasia is where a lethal dosage of the chosen drug is administered to the patient who opts to go for the procedure after their consent has been explicitly extracted (van der Heide, 2013). Passive euthanasia is when there is no active or medical intervention to assist in the death, but the patient is usually taken off from life-support measures, eventually resulting in the termination of their life.

Euthanasia is the solution that can help end the long-term suffering of the patients who are terminally ill with no hope of recovery. This is because as the suffering progresses, the individual tends to lose autonomy over their body, which restricts them from leading a normal life (Kouwenhoven, et al., 2013). An individual is normally born with the right to choose his or her own course in life, and therefore, the choice to end their own suffering should also be available to them. Moreover, due to the illness, they become unable to engage in activities that they previously used to enjoy, which further adds to the lack of control they have other their lives and bodies. Nobody wants to die early, but it is definitely better to have laws that allow them to opt for a physician-assisted suicide when they have a medical condition from which they cannot recover. Keeping such patients alive against their own will is almost inhuman, since it is them who have to suffer from the illness.

Mercy killing also gives the freedom of choice to the people who are terminally ill. It gives them the authority to choose what they want with their life, thereby helping them to not be helpless or be at the mercy of another individual. A physician is dedicated to ensuring that their patients regain their good heath and live a long life, but if death is imminent for them, then the sick must have the right to end their own unbearable suffering (Smets, Cohen, Bilsen, Van Wesemael, Rurup, &Deliens, 2011).It has been often seen that euthanasia brings peace to their families as well, since the financial and emotional turmoil of having to deal with someone who will eventually die of illness. Keeping an ill family member at a healthcare institution for such long periods of time can be very expensive. In fact, even if the patient can be allowed to stay at their home, the expenses towards the medicines, caregivers and so on, often amount to a hefty sum. For instance, if an 80-year old person is suffering from cancer, it is medically not feasible to allow the patient to undergo chemotherapy or any other procedure, and the time they have to spend alive as the cancer slowly takes its toll on them is extremely painful (Karlsson, Milberg, & Strang, 2012). Death is unpredictable and thus it is almost a form of torment on part of the family members as they have to be prepared to let go of their loved one at any time. Euthanasia eliminates these issues, as the patient in this case reserves the right to make all the decisions.It gives the flexibility to choose the manner, time and place where the act would be carried out.

It is almost impossible to find someone who does not want to die with dignity. Illness can not only be painful but also take a toll on their physical appearance.The unbearable suffering that patients have to go through robs them of this very dignity, and prolongs their unnecessary suffering, which is essentially pointless.Dying with dignity gives them the right to have a control of their own life (Hemati, et al., 2016). Every individual reserves the explicit right to die, and death is a rather private matter, and the physician-assisted suicide of a terminally sick individual does not bring harm to anyone. Furthermore, it avoids them being a burden on their family as well, since it eliminates the emotional and financial stress the members have to go through because of a sick relative. Another way of looking at it would be that euthanasia frees up the access to those healthcare facilities and resources which are scarce, as they can then be allocated to people who have a chance of living and therefore truly need it.

Thus, mercy killing is something that should be talked about more openly, because it is a procedure that has many benefits to offer. The entire process is carried out in such a way that the person does not feel any pain, thereby alleviating the suffering of the sick individuals with grace and dignity. There must of course be strict regulations pertaining to it, as it will ensure that there is no misuse regarding the laws. However, the limitations that come with it are easily outweighed by the number of advantages that mercy killing has for the patients, their family members, and the society. Moreover, it gives a significant amount of freedom to the people who make the choice to be euthanized, as they have the flexibility to choose the method as well as the time at which the procedure is to be done.

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