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Link between Autism and The MMR Vaccine Assignment Help

Lab 12 - Vaccine Controversy:  Because this is such an important topic, for the lab assignment this week you need to write a 3 page summary and opinion paper about the vaccine controversy.  Aspects of the topic you can research and concentrate on are:  the retracted Wakefield paper in The Lancet journal about the link between autism and the MMR vaccine, Jenny McCarthy&#39;s anti-vaccine activism, the increase in vaccinated diseases like measles and whooping cough, etc.  Dont just write a history of the development of vaccines!  Be sure to back up any opinions with scientific facts and beware of plagiarism--just copy what you find on a website.  Make sure to use and cite at least 2 outside sources.

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In 1998 Wakefield found the measles virus in the digestive system exhibits symptoms of autism after the use of MMR vaccination (Wakefield, 2017). Autism is termed as a condition that affects the neurons of the brain making it difficult to communicate and interacting with other people. The actual cause of autism is yet to be known. However, genetics, difference in anatomy of brain and exposure to toxic substances in the environment that can relate to adverse contribution to development (Jain et al.2015). Wakefield suggested the fact there exist a relationship between autism and MMR. The paper formed on autistic enterocolitis is relating to the effect of combined vaccines on autism. The reaction to the Wakefield publication was immense, scaring away the parents who then began to delay or refuse vaccination for their kids.

Over the last few decades, the link between autism and MMR was studied extensively; with no success. The finding suggested by Wakefield found no link between MMR and autism or MMR and bowel disease. Decreases in the rate of exposure related to MMR were not linked with similar decrease in the incidence related with autism. On the other hand, more and more parents are seen to opt out from MMR vaccination, the rate of autism is raising (Wakefield, 2017). The distribution of MMR vaccination among the children suffering from autism was similar to that of the matched control, irrespective of their age. Similar proportion of case control children are vaccinated before the age of 18 to 24 months with no significant results that can link, MMR causes autism. The result further suggested the fact dysregulated immune response to measles antigen leads to continuous intestinal infection allowing the toxin to enter the blood and central nervous system leading to developmental issues. The use of RNA samples were made to test the infection. However, the study was seemed to be fraudulent, rejecting the existing hypothesis

Parents are often seen not to choose to vaccinate their children out of the worry about autism. Low MMR vaccination coverage causes measles epidemics that can be deadly. As opined by Wakefield (2017), unvaccinated people who develop measles are often seen to pass the infection to their kids. Further study show the fact there remains no link between autism and MMR vaccines. However, there remains a criticism that there is an examination whether vaccines could trigger autism among a group of susceptible children. Wakefield paper in The Lancet journal was termed to be flawed for the following reasons:

Roughly 90% of children in England were subjected to MMR during his research tenure (, 2019). As MMR is used during the instance when the research subjects were diagnosed with autism; it can be fairly stated that children with pre-existing autistic conditions are receiving the vaccine. However, determination whether MMR is linked with autism can be clearly understood by studying the events of autism in both unvaccinated and vaccinated kids (Jain et al. 2015). However, this was not done. The researcher further claimed that autism is a manifestation of intestinal inflammation, the intestinal observation were witnessed after and not before the actual symptoms of autism in all the cases. Thus, the study was retracted in scientific terms meaning that the study was not based on scientific conduct (, 2019). The risk related to autism was no different among children who received MMR vaccine than the children who did not receive the vaccine. Hence, it can be conclusively stated that there remains no relation between autism and MMR or any kind of vaccines. 

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