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ICT321 Architecture and System Integration Assignment - University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

Case Study - easyJet - Technology Strategy

Part 1 - Integration Demo

1. Microservice server demo. In this demo, you are required to build a RESTful Web service

2. Mashup demo. In this demo, you are required to build a html Google Maps Mashup application which accepts a journey name as the input.

Part 2 - Integration Report

In addition to the above Demo code you are required to include a Report Based on the above case study explaining the key concepts for:

  • The demo design and implementation (including instructions on running your code).
  • Information Management and Integration
  • Application and Data Storage Infrastructure design, and
  • Application and Service Integration

Solution - ICT321 Architecture and System Integration


In this report we will discuss the case study of the easy jet technology. The British Cypriot businessman Stelios Haji-Loannou established easy jet in 1995. Easy Jet is a minimal-cost, UK-based European airline. With purchases including Swiss charter TEA Basel AG and British Go-Fly, easy jet extended into Europe in the early 2000s. In 2012, easy jet described a fresh social media strategy that gave it a technological edge in enhanced revenue, enhanced passenger link, and cost reduction.

The integration of cloud services such as Microsoft Azure into its current scheme is part of the easy Jet innovation approach. This is a modular strategy where Cloud services can be incorporated with the current scheme to have extra features rather than completely revising the entire network at tremendous cost.

One characteristic is where simple Jet wished to incorporate passenger's seat distribution to their current booking scheme. Even though the current system was unable to satisfy the necessary infrastructure for additional features, and rather than renovating the entire system on the cloud, easy Jet created and embedded cloud facility to work with the booking system. Easy Jet is also ready to incorporate cloud services such as smartphone and portable software, third-party apps such as Apple Pay, Flight Tracker, probabilistic servicing, identification of volcanic ash and many more.


Information Management and Integration

EII (Enterprise information integration) is an application that incorporates data and information into distinctive data surveillance functionality where data is articulated through standardized recognition. Enterprise information integration consolidates into one user and system facilities a large number of separate sources of information. Enterprise information integration has evolved as a business, but its optimum capacity has not yet been attained.

In enterprise applications, enterprise information integration includes data inclusion. Enterprise data can be stored in numerous file types, including relational databases, message, Modular Based language as XML, Excel, and several open-source indexing and data access schemes for memory purposes.

We are going to concentrate on enterprise data integration techniques. We will clarify extract, transform, and load, known as ETL concept.

Architecture and System Integration Assignment.jpg

Specifically, ETL is a data movement innovation in which we get information from the database server of one app and start moving it to another destination instead of attempting to interconnect with the programming interfaces of an app.

Advantages: The method as a whole is being used to determine sources of data and regulations for generating and processing information, and then performs the process for us. So it's not exactly same as coding in a conventional way of coding, where you write algorithms. Rather, the system works with a graphical user interface where we define rules and may use a push-and-drop interface to display the flow of data in a system.

Disadvantages: Usually, ETL tools aren't that fantastic for almost actual-time and on-demand information access. They were aimed at somewhat of an operating block phase. For database system, it is used for excellently-established, slow-moving data transformation. In addition, ETL is an IT method that cannot be immediately accessed by data analytics and company customers. ETL instruments are focused on information-oriented designers and DBAs themselves. And these are not the kind of instruments that really target information analysts or company power users that need both web application master data and Adhoc, quickly-changing information. Usually, such consumers comprehend information and maybe some SQL query syntax, but not simply information infrastructure design such as ETL and information storage

This technique will help the easy jet to integrate the digital services like current seat booking and many more so that it will provide better services to its customers without getting a fully developed information system of its own, which will be way to costly and time taking process.


Application and Data Storage Infrastructure Design

Cloud computing is basically a cheap and an excellent solution to the storage need for the easy jet. It provides a huge space for information storage without any requirement of the actual hardware. One could access the information from any part of the world with the help of the cloud and data accessing is also very easy as it provides excellent speed. Cloud also provides security and safety of the information without any fear of it is being compromised, so overall it is a best suitable solution for the easy jet as it is not implementing the a full grown system for its business. Cloud computing is a way cheaper and secure solution for the data access for the easy jet. It provides accuracy which implies that your service will not be interrupted by any single point of failure. Services such as software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (Paas) and infrastructure as a service (Iaas) are readily accessible on the Public Cloud system as they can be operated from almost anywhere via any system enabled on the Internet.

Some of the disadvantages of using the cloud solution are that one has no control over the safety and security of the information stored on the cloud. Cloud services cannot be accessible for any sensitive software or apps. Flexibility is absent because the cloud platform relies on the supplier of the cloud solution as amazon web services. There is No strict information management procedures in cloud computing.

Application and Service Integration

Following are the three main methods for the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI):

Data-level integration: In data level integration, information in the backend of the application is integrated and it can be managed as well by push or pull method. When one use the push technique application reads the SQL request on other database tables.

User interface (UI)-level integration: This binds user interface code implementation reasoning and can be predicated on coding or VPN. The implementation code, prevalent with customer/server apps like PowerBuilder or Vantive, is integrated into the user interface component occurrences when using scripting-based.

Application-level integration: This is regarded as the best way forward assimilation of apps, using the convergence structures and Interfaces of the embedded app. It is useful as it is open to the embedded app and maintains the data security of the app.


RESTful Web services

REST is being used to construct compact, sustainable and extensible Web apps in existence. A service based on the REST design is referred to as a RESTful service. HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol), which is the simple web procedure, is the fundamental protocol for REST. REST is REpresentational Transfer of State. If the RESTful web facility is described at the destination. When the customer requests this web application, it may determine each of the ordinary GET, POST, DELETE and PUT HTTP prepositional phrases. RESTful Online services are quick due to the lack of rigorous SOAP specifications. It uses up less asset and bandwidth. RESTful web services can be written and produced on any system in any computer program. RESTful web app allows various styles of data such as Simple Text, HTML, XML and JSON. Following is what would occur if the customer sent the various phrases.

POST: This would apply the RESTful web service to establish a new individual.

GET: Applying the RESTful web service, this will be used to get a roster of all employees.

PUT: This will apply the RESTful web service to upgrade all customers.

DELETE: This would be apply to remove or delete all staff using the web service RESTful.


Mashup relates to websites or facilities that link information from various locations to a fresh source of information or utility. Mashups are most common, particularly when mixing geographic information and showing such embedded information on graphs. Internet-based mapping apps such as Google Maps and Google Earth enable the mixing and view of various separately produced data sets represented using the Keyhole Markup Language (KML) format through a two-dimensional or three-dimensional map, for the map of the Google Earth.

Usually, content providers write their content through APIs that enforce procedures or communication concepts predicated on REST concepts like RSS, Atom or SOAP. In some instances, it was not simply ready for the next implementation to use the web host. So, its content is used in the mashup structure without the website designer or software intended for this sort of communication. Because there is an earlier specified API in these instances, mashup developers can use a display abolishing method to obtain material from such locations.


Over the previous 3 years, easyJet has invested in its business IT system that has provided income advantages by significantly improving the client-facing page and passenger capacity, as well as improving the fundamental tenacity and computer systems. But, easyJet has now decided to alter its strategy to innovation by making good use of existing systems and developing them on a hybrid basis, instead of operating towards complete replacement of our key business site. As a consequence of this shift in strategy, we are recognizing a sub-headline fee of approximately sixty-five million pounds for IT assets and related obligations that we will no sooner need. EasyJet will continue investing in its electronic and eCommerce levels to keep providing a major creative, income-enhancing and customer-friendly service.


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