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HI6006 Key Strategy Development Tools - Holmes Institute


Write a Comprehensive discussion of any four of the strategy models, with practical application to current business.

Comprehensive Discussion of the following:
Five Forces,
Resource-Based View,
SWOT Analysis,
Generic Strategies,

Strategy Model: PESTLE Analysis of Samsung

Political: Political standards are mainly to abide by the new and the pre-existing governmental regulations for Samsung. It includes the international markets where the major focus is on the financial growth of the firm. Samsung has been working on the improvement of the technology with working over the handling on different scandals.

Economic: The strengths of Samsung are that it includes the Korean won. It includes the major factors where there are smartphone markets with the big brand like Apple and Google are direct competitors. Samsung has been the leader in the manufacturing market of the phone which is considered as the double edge sword.

Social: The family owned company with products exported to the countries. The company is able to adapt and tailor the products for the local markets. Samsung has been lacking with pre-build programs (Harding, 2017). It includes the creation of something new and desired like the Google voice assistance to remain competitive.

Technological: There are manufacturing errors and Samsung needs to focus on the different forms with promise to do better and learn from the mistakes while creating new products.

Legal:The legal standards of Samsung includes the alleging of the imitation of Apple iPad and iPhone where the company has been looking for the public perceptions and approval of the strategies of consumer. There are companies who tend to wriggle out for the legal maze that it finds itself for the developed markets.

Environmental:The environmental standards are for the handling of ethical consumer who look for the brands to source and then make the products socially and environmentally responsible. Samsung has been mainly aware of the needs of products to satiate the ethical consumer standards (Visnjic et al., 2017).

Strategy Model 2: Five Forces Xiaomi

Threat of New Entrants: The threats are for the entry barriers which includes the potential for new market players. The entry into the electronics and the software industry which requires the formidable investments of the capital. It includes the different range of the factors with decrease in the threats of the new entrants to industry for accessing distribution channels.

Bargaining Power of Buyers: The bargaining power includes the technology and the mobile internet industry. There are major high level of competition in market place. Hence, the products are generally computable to each other with the products working upon the purchase of the other products.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers: Xiaomi has been located in Taiwan where the company has been able to work on the better strong supply chain with success. The huge bargaining power comes with the loyalty of the old clients and how they are able to work over the different strong relationship with suppliers (Priemet al., 2018).

Rivalry Among the Firms: The smartphone and the electronics industry is competitive with the major players working on building up and planning about the brand image. It includes the competition and the needs of consumer to plan about the brand loyalty (Corazzaet al., 2017). This comes with the Chinese markets where there are major factors related to the Oppo, Vivo and how the other mobile customers are entering the market.

Threat Substitute of products: The issue is about the smartphone which helps in focusing over the factor that the different devices and the features never have any type of the substitute for the smartphones. Hence, Xiaomi is facing the moderate threats with the brands of the smartphone with deteriorating sales in Chinese market. According to report, the marketing tactics are the rivals with practicing about how Xiaomi is able to avoid the problems.


Strategy Model 3: Resource Based View of Apple

The resource-based view is based on the model which involves the analysis of the sources for the competitive advantage. The resources are costly and so the path dependency is on the competitive advantage with developing resources in a proper manner. The canvas model for the resource-based view is that it holds the first mover advantage, maintaining the reputation of the brand and the loyalty of the customer. The combinations are defined for the software and the hardware designing in one device. The mixtures are for the intellectual resources with unique experiences of the user. The specific activities through the partnerships which helps in analyzing about the effectiveness and efficiency of the strategy (Breuer et al., 2017). The consideration is about the potential where the ability is to create a better standard with focusing over the deployment and holding the forms where the value is not only lying on the ability to keep churning out the best-selling wonders. The deployment and the full potential value includes the combination throughthe capabilities and resources. It comes with the combination with defined resource and capabilities with vertically integrated forms with the efficient and effective forms. The resources are not widely available. One needs to meet the resources and resulting the resource competence combinations. The addition of the values and the rareness comes with sustaining competitive advantage. The most value resources of the company includes the essential factors with strategic competencies into the diversified new markets. The competitors might not imitate the resource or competence when it comes with ability to hold strategically equivalent resources. The resource includes the identification of creating and working over the practical implication. This includes the internal strengths to exploit the opportunities and then neutralizing the external threats (Kazan et al., 2015).

Strategy Model 4: Ansoff of Samsung

Market Penetration: The strategy focus on the acquiring of the larger share of the market where the focus is on handling the sales with existing market. The business is able to adapt the strategies with competitive pricing or the aggressive marketing to achieve the better goals of market.

Product Development: The development of the products comes with serving the customer base and the market. The strategy includes the improvement of the products and services that includes the development of the new variants and the products. Samsung has been involved in using the combination of different approaches to enter the markets with direct export, licensing and the joint ventures. The focus is on allowing the Samsung to have a global presence with developing the brand recognition and the loyalty. The limitations are defined through point of saturation and the growth which halts and then Samsung needs to work on alteration of the growth strategies with opting Ansoff Matrix to continue growth (Witjeset al., 2016).

Market Development: The strategy focus on planning about how the products enter into the market with the business entering the markets through using the direct export strategy and the licensing, franchising and the foreign direct investments.

Diversification: The strategy focus mainly on the new markets where the markers of the product have to handle the new products with targeting the existing market segments and regions. Samsung has been working on increased use of the enhancement of the existing products to launch the new product for a particular brand name. It comes with the dominant name and how the company is able to map with the different segments or the new products for the existing markets.


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