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Effect of Social Media on Personal Life Assignment Help

Social Media and the Family In our culture, there is an increased use of social media. Social media has changed the way people and families interact with each other. Many theorists believe social media has advantages of connecting people, while other theorists believe social media negatively affects relationships, for many reasons. Social workers need to be aware of the couples’ use of social media and explore the effects on the relationship. For this Assignment search the Walden Library for two articles - one supporting the positive affects social media has on couples and one suggesting the negative affects social media has on relationships. The Assignment (2–3 pages) Summarize each article in 100 words or less. Provide a critical analysis of each side of the social media debate. Explain which side you take and support your professional opinion on social media and couple’s relationships with scholarly references and additional resources. Use evidence-based research to support your findings. 

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Social media is now an integral part of the daily life of a person. People spend a good many time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and others. According to the survey people on average spends time in social media are around two hours and twenty-two minutes per day. They communicate with their family, friends, special ones through social media platforms in the form of personal chat, video call, normal voice calls and others. The study aims to understand the effects of social media on people and their relations.

Social media at connecting people and couples

Social media platforms have provided extensive facilities to connect people from all over the world in real time. People can chat, talk, see each other through their mobile devices, personal computers, and other smart devices. This has brought close to each other and made the world a small place. Now relatives and couples can talk to each other with ease which has greatly improved the long-distance relationships. Communicating with each other minimised the loneliness among people who lives apart from each other. They can also spend some quality time in their social media platforms by connecting with people with whom they have not met for a long-time face to face (Digitalinformationworld, 2019).



Adverse effects of social media on relationships

In spite of positive effects there are also some adverse effects are present as an effect of social media in daily life. People sometimes forget their surroundings and spends more than required time on social media platforms. They spend so much time on these platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, that they forget with whom they are currently living and the person beside them. This has impacts on personal life to a great extent. Relationships tend to get complicated due to expanding too much time on social media platforms. People sometimes get involved with third person which also creates issues in relationships and this matter, misunderstanding plays a crucial role. Due to fake people sometimes, personal life gets complicated which effects on relationships also (Simplilearn, 2018).

Critical analysis of the topic

Social media has connected people all over the world and create a communication web around the globe. However, nothing is good if they are used excessively or in an uncontrolled way and social media is one of those things. According to Fox & Bird (2017), social media has brought people closer to each other than ever before. They can share their personal lives through social media platforms. However, Brooks (2015) argued that, though these types of platforms connect people they also create barriers among close ones who are in the surroundings. People sometimes forget who is present with them in physical and concentrate on their social media platforms more. This not only impacts on personal life; it also increases impact on professional life also. As per Khan et al. (2016), individuals have to create a boundary or limit to their daily social media usage to create a balance between their personal life and this virtual life. Counselling can be an excellent option for people who are suffering from these types of problems and cannot break their barriers. The developers also have to make sure that fake people are to be banned from social media platforms for various safety reasons.

Own opinion regarding this topic

I think there should be a balance in our own life regarding usage of social media platforms. People should use social media platforms as it has offered countless opportunities to the humanities, but they also have to make sure that it is not impacting on personal life. We are socialised creatures and us life with others a family. Whenever social media has entered the personal space, it has created complication, confusion among people. According to Tour (2015), people must limit the time they spend on social media platforms and focus more on their personal life or relationships. Companies can also create settings on those platforms so that a person cannot utilise a specific period in various social media platforms; this will help them to change their habits. According to me, people also have to more conscious with whom they are talking to in these types of platforms so that they do not end up having spent time with a bunch of fake people by wasting their precious time.


From the above study it can be stated that social media platforms have both negative and positive effects. Only people can choose whether they go for the positive side or negative one. Scheduling a specific time limit, limiting spending time in social media platforms can not only remove the issues in personal life. It also helps to improve the productivity and time management of a person in both their personal and professional life. accepts instant and short deadlines order for Effect of Social Media on Personal Life Assignment Help solution – order today for excellence!

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