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Communication Network in Telecom Assignment Help

Homework on Telecom Technology 

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The use of a variety of switching and multiplexing technologies can lead to improved data transfer in telecommunication network systems. This study compares a variety if services such as the MPLS TP, MPLS IP and DWDM in order to analyse their importance in various network systems. Additionally, this study presents a detailed review on the use of SDH and SONET can have positive effects on the accomplishment of high-speed computing goals.

Comparison between MPLS TP, MPLS IP and DWDM

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The Synchronized Digital Hierarchy (SDH) and Synchronous Optical Networking (SONET) are multitasking protocols that are used in fibre optics for data transfer. As opined by Hamad & Kadoch (2015), the use of these systems can allow effective operation of network components such as laser systems and Light Emitting Diodes (LED). These systems also use a variety of electrical interface for data transfer in slow networks. These systems work effectively in Asynchronous Transfer Modes and are effective in supporting real-time, uncompressed data streams. However, various circuit systems in these multiplexing protocols operate at different rates which contribute to increased complexities. Sonet Systems have a base transfer bit rate of 51.84 MBPS whereas the SDH has a base data transfer rate of 2048 kilobits per second (). The SONET can be configured with the use of the command:
Router(config-if)#atm sonet stm-4.


Based on the above study, it can be concluded that the MPLS IP is utilised for standard data transport based on IP addresses. The MPLS TP is a modified version of the MPLS IP that prevents the use of complex systems, thus speeding up the data transfer process. The DWDM develops virtualized fibre optics for efficient data transfer. Additionally, the SDH and SONET are multiplexing technologies that can be effective in ensuring effective transfer of significant data.

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