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Maggie is an 8 year-old female currently attending third grade. She lives at home with her mother, father, and older brother. Maggie frequently exhibits temper tantrum behaviors. Over time her parents have come to realize she tantrums when she has neglected to drink fluids for a lengthy period of time. She seems to be unable to recognize when she is thirsty. Her parents often have to prompt Maggie to drink water or other fluids, she forgets to do so if they don't regularly remind her. Incorporating concepts from the textbook readings related to drive theory, homoeostasis, thirst activation and satiety describe the physiological mechanisms impacting Maggie's inability to recognize thirst signals.

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In this modern world, temper tantrums are disruptive and unpleasant behaviours when the needs of an individual would not meet. This behaviour mainly occurs in children or other individuals who would not express their emotions in an appropriate manner when they are disappointed.


From this case study, it has been understood that Maggie faces temper tantrum issues while drinking fluids for a long period of time. However, sometimes Maggie forgot to drink water until her parents remind her. The effect of temper tantrum issues would impact negatively over the health condition of Maggie and also reduce the observation skills when she felt thirsty (Roy, 2018). Therefore, it has been recommended that parents of Maggie are needed to adopt drive theory in order to guide Maggie to understand the positive aspects of drinking water or fluids.

In addition to this, drive theory is depended over the concept that organisms are implemented regarding the psychological needs. This theory also helps in identifying the negative factors of tension which are established when their requirements are not met. According to the viewpoint of Buck (2017), this drive is decreased when the need is contented and also helps the organism returns to a state of relaxation and homeostasis. By the help of this theory, parents of Maggie would understand the steps and procedures to maintain the health condition of her child. According to this study, this theory also enables parents to understand the movement of Maggie and also provide information about thirst activation. Therefore, it would help parents to take relevant steps in guiding Maggie to drink fluid in enhancing her health condition. It would also help in reducing the temper tantrum issues from Maggie.

On the other hand, parents of Maggie are expected to analyse her child's movement and take reliable steps accordingly. By the knowledge of thirst activation, Maggie's parents are expected to understand the requirements of Maggie and also guide them to provide beneficial information about drinking water towards Maggie. Additionally, Maggie's parents are needed to fulfill her child's needs which would motivate Maggie to be obedient towards her parents.


From this study, it has been understood that parents of Maggie are needed to take initiative in contributing knowledge about the benefits of drinking water and fluids. Drive theory also helps in understanding the activities of organism while fulfilling the physiological needs of a child. Parents of Maggie in needed to adopt this theory in understanding the movement and reaction of Maggie which would guide them to take relevant steps in overcoming the temper tantrum issues.

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