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A Research Paper about Mulan Assignment Help

Research paper about  a hero movie. Choose Mulan from Disney. The purpose is to compare the role of Mulan in today's society and show how the movie express our dreams, anxiety, fears or treats a problematic cultural issue of our world.  

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1. Introduction 

1.1 Background 

As mentioned by Cloete (2017), both films and religion play an essential role in reflecting and highlighting something that the people are able to relate to in the best way possible. A movie is being considered as a very powerful medium that is being used to convey the values and beliefs that are being strongly followed by the society. This research paper intends to cover some of the important aspects of cultural issues and other anxiety, or mental illness that is being portrayed and interpreted in movies. This paper has taken into consideration about the titular character Mulan, which is one of the prominent and successful Disney movies from the 90s. 

1.2 Purpose 

The purpose of this research is to conduct a comparison between the role of Mulan and the modern society and depict about the movie’s ability to portray the anxiety, fears and other problematic aspects of cultural strata of the world with the help of cinematic experience. The reason why a Disney Princess movie was considered appropriate for the entire paper because, the princess movies of this respective studio has always been accused of portraying gender stereotypes and the how an ideal woman and man should be. 

1.3 Scope 

This subject matter deals with something that existed previously in a more transparent and visible manner, whereas in the modern scenario, most of the situations seems to take place with the help of indirect remarks and actions. Thus, it can be considered that the entire scenario of Mulan is considerably relevant with that of certain situations that have been identified in the modern society. Eventually, this study would entail towards understanding why breaking certain stereotypes is necessary. The level of engagement might vary due to the varied range of audiences but a story like Mulan represents the story of all those girls who are still trying to break through the numerous range of gender stereotypes. 

1.4 Problem Statement 

The modern society is going through multiple issues with some of the prominent ones being discrimination of any kind. Gender Discrimination has managed to pave the way towards the era of 21st century as well and majority of the situations are being portrayed as a reflection with the help of cinema. As mentioned by Mahmood 79, movies have always been considered as the greatest aspects that continues to influence majority of the people around, especially the youth. Even though majority of the movies claim to be of fictional nature, but majority of them derive their ideas from their surroundings. Thus, if a film like Mulan was derived from the bigotry and biasedness that existed around, then something has been terribly wrong with how the society functions. 

1.5 Methodology 

This research paper would undertake the help of various secondary sources and develop an alignment with the movie Mulan and present the findings and their analysis accordingly. The learner will be mostly taking help from varied range of journal articles that would provide an appropriate dimension to the study and make sure that enough attention has been paid towards understanding the miseries that still exists in the society. 

2. Discussion 

2.1 Synopsis of Mulan 

As mentioned by Dundes and Streiff, the key storyline of Mulan can be summarized with the opinion that it was inspired from a conservative timeline, when patriarchal values were considered as the traditional norm and the basic essence of life (35). The story advances and lets the viewers to believe the catapulted definition of being an ideal woman. There are certain aspects that have been portrayed in the film, such as the ideas of a woman being quiet and coy in the presence of a man and that they have only one purpose is life, to be the perfect bride, keep their husbands happy and bear their children. Eventually Mulan defies all of it and makes the attempt to save her father from the war that fell upon them. She disguised herself as a man and went on to fight the war instead of her father (Stover 5). She was disowned and belittled when her identity was disclosed, but she continued to fight. Eventually, it was due to her strategic stance that the war against the Huns were won and she was able to return back to her home with honour.

2.2 Expressing the Modernity with the help of a Periodic Film

The movie has managed to touch some of the essential burning issues that exists in the society. Even though the premise of the movie was set back to the time when the rules of the emperor were in existence but it was being conveyed that even in the modern scenario, there are various instances where women go through various discrimination that eventually results in anxiety, or lowering of self-esteem and the fear that they might never be able to achieve their dream. As mentioned by Zarar et al. 277, the experiences of women are being shaped by the social class and even their experiences are an eventual result of the aspects of gender-class differences that has been portrayed in their respective households for years. At the same time, McGinn and Oh, mentions that, be it woman or a man, whenever they are being ill-treated and are not being provided with the opportunity to showcase their talent in the best possible way, then they develop the intention to rebel and even develop self-esteem issues that eventually tampers with their future prospects and the opportunities that they had in their way (85).

However, Verniers and Vala, also clarified that with the idea of women empowerment taking the world by storm, there is barely any possibility that the people would have the tendency to practice any kind of discrimination that is skin colour or gender specific in any way (e0190657). On the other hand, Stamarski and Son Hing contradicts the view by saying that when a workplace is filled with male dominated sections then there is always a possibility that they would go through some kind of discrimination or the other (1400). For instance, in Mulan when the other individuals of the army found about here real identity, they ridiculed her despite knowing that she was a mastered soldier and that she has performed better than any of the others during the time of war. Thus, these situations are being witnessed mostly in the case of modern workplaces, where women are being mostly underappreciated or underpaid for their work. Even in the entertainment field, this situation is clearly visible as the women are paid much less than the men. It can also be seen in the sports field, when the women are paid less than the men despites drawing equal amount of audiences and TRPs for their respective matches. 

2.3 Findings 

From the secondary research conducted, it was being found that Mulan represents the section of women that are constantly discriminated and looked down upon due to traditions and cultural norms. The ones who are strong enough to deal with the injustice around them ensures that they are able to survive this and fight for it (Coyne et al. 1910). The ones who are not able to either quit their respective jobs and lose the confidence in their capability. Even the surroundings are responsible for developing the anxiety among people. Also, when they are being underappreciated for their work then the develop the fear that they will not be able to live their life on own terms and condition. Thus, it can be said that just as the society has the potential to lift up the spirits of the people, they also have the ability to tear them down. The similar situation happened with Mulan as well, despite doing well, she was not being appreciated, it was after she won the combat, honour and appraisals were bestowed upon her (Golden et al. 301). 

2.4 Analysis 

The eventual conclusion can be summarized by saying that people should not leave hope and must continue to working in their aspirations and the things that they completely believe in. It can be evidently considered that the people would be able to understand the issues and inhumane that one’s discrimination can do to others. As mentioned by Britt-Spells et al. 3, any kind of discrimination should be avoided and the cultural norms that encourage the idea of discrimination must not be used to represent their cultural and ethnicity. Thus, it can be said that times have not specifically changed from the one that had been presented in the movie. However, Prasad et al. 227 argues that times are slowly changing and that women and other individuals are given much more opportunities to flourish and are not bounded by any kind norms or traditions. These fraction of people represent the best of modern society and how the mentality of people are changing gradually. The society still has a long way to go and put a full stop on their habits of not allowing people to dream and understand what they want in life but making sure that everyone is able to do whatever they want according to their own will (Maity 29). 

3. Conclusion and Recommendations 

3.1 Summary of the Paper 

This paper drew parallels to the movie Mulan and the problems of the modern society. For most of the aspects it was being identified that certain range of practices continues to exists and that the people are being constantly harassed or bullied for trying to achieve more than the others. However, as some of the researchers and scholars pointed out, the situation of the present is not as severe as it was before. The culture or the traditional norms does not expect women to sit at their homes and just do the job of bearing children and look after their home. However, as showed in Mulan, there exists a section of society that is mostly patriarchal and don’t have the intention to let the other gender grow and prosper. These sections are mostly responsible for the mental trauma or the audacity to question themselves generates and gulps their confidence. This mentality needs to change for everyone to be able to live in peace and coherence.

3.2 Improvement Suggestions 

It is not easy for a society to change in a rapid manner, but it can be made sure that they depict the possibility of doing so and that have the capability to wield the benefits. The only way to cause an improvement is with the help of awareness that discrimination is not the way of life and that a person or norms cannot condemn the talents or the potential of an individual. Thus, it is one of the essential prospects that is being reflected with the help of movies that how wrong people are and how wrong they can be to be able to stop someone and shattering someone and preventing them from achieving their dreams. 

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