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PSYC 273 Adolescent Psychology

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This PSYC 273 Adolescent Psychology course unit presents a thorough study of the human growth between the ages 11 and 25. The course mainly focuses in the development of cognitive and personality processes along with the social changes experienced by the adolescents and emerging adults.

Course learning outcomes: The students will be capable to:

  • Differentiate between the major theoretical perspectives which endeavor to describe the hows and whys of the adolescent behavior.
  • Implement the scientific methodology to the study about the adolescent behavior.
  • Recognize illustrations of physical and psychological changes taking place at the time of adolescence.
  • Explain the risk factors of behaviors common throughout adolescence, comprising the drug abuse, eating disorders, suicide, and diverse kinds of treatment available.
  • Consider psychosocial and cultural factors that impact the adolescent behavior.

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