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CSC 323 Algorithm Design and Analysis

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The CSC 323 Algorithm Design and Analysis course mainly introduces students about different methods to design and examine the algorithms. The course is quite wide and embraces numerous topics, such as, illustrations of computational problems, fundamental issues associated to algorithms, efficiency comparison, divide-and-conquer, decrease-and-conquer, along with the transform-and-conquer algorithm design strategies.

Course outcomes: By the end of the course, students will be competent to:

  • Examine the time complexity of iterative and recursive algorithms with reference to asymptotic order of growth.
  • Substantiate or justify the accuracy of algorithms and their properties through formal or informal assessment.
  • Design and examine algorithms to resolve optimization problems by means of classical design approaches like brute force, divide and conquer, transform and conquer, and many more.
  • Consider effective algorithms for different graph theory problems on the basis of the different design methods.
  • Design and examine algorithms to resolve combinatorial problems by means of advanced methods such as dynamic programming and greedy strategies.
  • Develop and assess effective implementations of algorithms, on the basis of different design techniques, and their related run-time complexity by means of experimental analysis.

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