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POLS 497 Senior Seminar in Political Science

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Assessments of particular issues are addressed at the national level that mainly comprises of analysis of American political institutions and decision-making; federalism and democratic political theories; policymaking in the economic, social, and security arenas; along with the electoral process. The course POLS 497 Senior Seminar in Political Science capstone will provide students with the prospect to complete an approved academic research exercise that illustrates their knowledge of their chosen field of study.

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Lack of money: Students often don't have enough money to buy study materials or to hire professional tutors to clear their doubts, and are fail to craft a successful academic task.

Language problem: some students study in another country, so they are not friendly with the mother tongue of another country. Therefore, they are unable to complete MPH 608 General Health Practical Training and Theoretical assignments in English.

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