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PBHE 111 Introduction to Health Care Administration

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The PBHE111 Introduction to the health care Administration course basically aims to provide knowledge about Health Care Management and provide core concepts of ethics and law in Healthcare management. The students will be able to understand the role of Management organizational behavior and management thinking in Healthcare facilities, and they will be able to explain the key aspects of quality improvement in Healthcare.

The above-mentioned course will let the students have the insight and the detailed knowledge of the various factors that identify and acknowledge the challenges in ever arcing issues related to Healthcare. The course will explain the major functions, operations, and many different kinds of tools of the field. The student would be persuaded to understand the need for excellence in the management of Health Services.

PBHE111 Introduction to Healthcare Administration course will be taught in three sections.. Management in health services, Environment managerial Tools and techniques, and Managing relationships. The students will also understand the role of finance in Health Care Service Delivery and its various parts of Management.  They would know and understand the various kinds of environmental factors that can have an impact on human resource functions in health services.

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