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OUbs003221 Business Research Methods

This OUbs003221 Business Research Methods module introduces the fundamentals of research methods and establishes the link between business research theory and practice. Topics covered: Introduction to Business Research: Business Research, Scientific Thinking, Research Process, Research Recommendations; business research ethics; research design-development strategy, measurement, scaling, sample design; data sources and collection: secondary data sources, survey method: communication with interviewees, communication tools with interviewees, observational research, experimentation, introduction to qualitative research: protecting people; interview; ethnography and participatory observation; collaborative action research; a joint

Design; focus groups and visual methods; data analysis and presentation, data preparation and preliminary analysis, hypothesis testing, correlation measurement, multivariate analysis: review and presentation of results: written and oral reports

Learning outcome:

1. Prepare and submit a research plan for the end-of-year thesis.

2. Conduct research on the dissertation of the last year of study.

3. Use SPSS statistical software, MICROSOFT EXCEL and/or any other software for data analysis.

4. Briefly and professionally present the results of your research.

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