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NURS 489 Synthesis of Complex Nursing

Nursing students must master the analytical and comprehensive high-order thinking skills to manage complex data in healthcare decision making. However, due to the lack of conceptual understanding and clear teaching methods, teaching synthesis is difficult and difficult to achieve. A quality, multi-stage research project aims to understand what synthesis is, how professionals acquire synthesis skills, and how best to teach synthesis. At the first stage, a comprehensive interdisciplinary description is carried out. Three focus groups were held and multidisciplinary participants answered several questions. Several themes have emerged suggesting that synthesis is dependent on cognitive skills and abilities, situational and contextual factors, preparation and knowledge acquisition skills, interpersonal and interactive skills, and personal qualities. Participants also supported the use of multimodal learning strategies to enhance learners' use of synthesis in learning. The project provides a preliminary understanding of the synthesis process and shows striking similarities between interdisciplinary synthesis.

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