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MECE 3270U Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines

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The MECE 3270U Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines course mainly comprises topics, such as, classification of mechanisms; analysis of speed, acceleration, and force; graphic and computer analysis methods; balance, flywheel, gear, gear, and cam. Introduction to Lagrangian Dynamics; Lagrangian equations of motion; Hamiltonian equations and Hamiltonian principles are also covered under this course.

The MECE 3270U course will introduce you to a machine's geometry, motion, and strength. At the end of the period, you should be able to:

1. Identify the functional components and connections of the flat mechanism. Determine related isomers, inversions, crossover shapes, bond curves, and transmission angles.

2. Synthesize a simple flat mechanism.

3. Plot the identical polygons for velocity and acceleration, including Coriolis acceleration and fine point, angular momentum, and acceleration.

4. Analyze, calculate and use computer programs to obtain the position, speed, and acceleration values ??of the 4-bar crank and slider, and get a table and graph of the results.

5. Use graphs and analysis methods to obtain static, inertial, and dynamic forces on a float mechanism.

6. Understand the flywheel concept and application.

7. Understand the concept and application of simple gyroscopic force.

8. Apply the static and dynamic balance principles to rotating systems and understand the concepts.

Actual balance.

9. Understand and apply the cam design concept.

10. Understand and apply spur gear terminology.

11. Understand the geometry and applications of helical, worm, and bevel gears.

12. Solve movements and forces in the simple, compound, and planetary gears.

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