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INFO 16178 Training the IT Trainer

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The graduates of this INFO 16178 Training the IT Trainer course understand the adult learning style, plan, design, and provide instruction in computer-based learning skills and the ability to adapt to change. In that case, they will achieve tremendous success. This course aims to develop students' self-confidence, communication, presentation, and technical skills required for computer-assisted learning in a rapidly changing business environment to improve the performance of administrative staff (including help desk users).

Learning outcomes define key academic achievement and knowledge, skills, and attitudes that successful students will reliably demonstrate through the learning experiences and grades within the course. Successful learners will exhibit the following:

Successful students will have the following knowledge:

  • Demand for learning and development processes organization
  • Assessment of needs and ways to educate adults
  • Bloom's Cognitive Area Classification Method
  • Learning goals and curriculum goal
  • Advantages and disadvantages of multiple teaching methods, Learning technology, audiovisual and computer-aided learning technology
  • The importance of assessment in learning and development
  • Various types of workouts (standing, coaching, coaching, online)
  • Various learning support resources (professional journals and Magazines, publications, internet, vendor documents, Professional organizations, specialized experts, certificates, etc.)

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