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CISC 3400 Java Programming

This CISC 3400 Java Programming course covers Java programming, Internet computing, and various applications. Java is a programming language and platform. The course is quite wide and encompasses numerous topics comprising object-oriented programming, Java programming, graphical user interfaces (GUI's) applets and applications, multimedia, files and streams, server communications and many more.

Course learning outcomes: Upon completion of this course, the student will be competent to:

1. Design, create, build, and debug Java applications and applets.

2. Apply syntax rules in the Java programs.

3. Implement arithmetic operations for displaying the numeric output.

4. Write user-defined methods.

5. Write and implement decision structures for finding out the various operations.

6. Implement algorithmic thinking to resolve the programming problems.

7. Recognize and apply arrays, array lists, and multidimensional arrays.

8. Write and implement loop structures to carry out repetitive tasks.

9. Describe the variables and data types used in program development.

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