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MATH 222 Differential Equations

Here, in this MATH 222 Differential Equations course, students will learn about the methods for resolving ordinary differential equations are studied together with physical applications, Laplace transforms, numerical solutions, all along with the series solutions.

Objectives of the course:

1. Students should (a) study basic analytical solutions for solving ordinary differential equations (ODEs), (b) understand the structure of solving linear ODEs based on independent homogeneous solutions and inhomogeneous solutions, and (c) explain the use of drawing and solving calculus methods.

2. Students should (a) learn to model systems and phenomena in science and technology using ODE by examples and (b) how to use such model solutions to analyze or predict the behaviour of a system. A key example is a damped forced simple harmonic oscillator.

3. Students should understand basic ODE numerical solution techniques and have some understanding of using MATLAB to solve ODE.

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