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KAA 208 Professional Skills

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The KAA 208 Professional Skills module provides students with the opportunity to participate in research or design projects in the laboratory or STEM field. The purpose of this KAA 208 Professional Skills module is to provide students with the experience of immersing them in the culture of the research or project team in STEM and to enable students to gain the understanding and skills related to effective work under the guidance of real research or project efforts. The results of the course project will be presented to academic audiences in the form of posters or equivalent.

1. According to relevant information, plan research or design projects for predefined STEM problems.

2. Implement the scheduled project implementation plan and method under the leadership of the manager.

3. Complete your research or design project by working effectively, responsibly, safely and ethically in an individual or team environment.

4. Collect, accurately record, and interpret scientific or design data obtained from our own research or provided by others

5. Communicate the results of research or design projects to academic audiences in the form of conference posters or equivalent posters.

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