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ITM 6400 Applied Business Analytics

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This ITM 6400 Applied Business Analytics course equips business managers with the necessary skills to apply business analysis tools to analyze data and make business decisions. This course aims to develop the skills and knowledge to create analytic solutions such as business intelligence dashboards. Through hands-on guides and case studies, students will learn and demonstrate the application of analytical skills across many areas of business.

Predictive analysis is an important aspect of this work as it incorporates the available data to create statistical models. These models can be used to predict outcomes and provide information for decision making.

Once you populate your business intelligence application, you will know which analysis method is most appropriate for your situation, and more importantly, how to work with big data and use it to get the best business results.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Learn about the breadth of analytics applications
  • Describe general algorithms, their respective applications in various fields, and their limitations.
  • Discuss how to use analytical problem solving to guide the team and develop results.
  • Apply best practices for managing data analysis processes, including creating workflows, identifying interdependencies, and determining when to use human judgment.

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