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ENTD 322 Application Development for the Droid

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ENT 322 Application Development for the Droid is the course that lays the framework of application development for the Motorola Droid and how mobile devices are announced by the mobile application software that is changing the face of technology. The course basically focuses on the concept introduced in the mobile application design and development course and expands into more advanced topics regarding Motorola Droid.

The above-mentioned course also covers the scenario-based exercise and required students to use assigned tools to write, test, and deploy mobile software applications into the Android platform environment. The students will also love and have the experience of a minimum amount of application and retention of material.

The ENT322 Application development for the Droid course will lead the students to evaluate the various types of apps that can run on Android operating systems, and also they will be able to construct a mobile application for Motorola Droid using Java program language. The students will be able to apply Android studio tools used to build a mobile application for Android.

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