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Introduction to Chicano Studies

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In the CHIC 110A Introduction to Chicano Studies course, students are introduced to the origins, current status, and development of Chicano Studies. Students are introduced to current intellectual trends, social developments and scholarly activism. There are more career prospects for the students studying this course. Students will study methods, research, debate and theory.

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Some of the relevant courses are as shown below, in which professionals of ExpertsMinds precisely deal with:

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  • CHIC 210 - Chicano Culture
  • CHIC 190 - Chicano Images in Film
  • CHIC 130 - Mexican Literature in Translation
  • CHIC 141 - United States History from a Chicano Perspective
  • CHIC 110 - Introduction to Chicano Studies
  • CHIC 201 - The Indigenous Tradition of Mexico and Ancient Mesoamerica
  • CHIC 150 - History of Mexico
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