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GEOL 1010 Exploring Earth

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The GEOL 1010 Exploring Earth course program provides the students with a basic introduction to geology for students pursuing their majors and non-majors. Throughout the program, the students will study the Earth, its elements, its traits, its energetic processes, and how it pertains to the common people. The above stated course provides an opening to the planet we name home, its formation, the procedures that shape it, and the tales of the distant past it brandishes. Through the course program students will be able to:

  • Extrapolate what is below our feet?
  • Why only some areas have mountains and others do not?
  • Why can rocks look so different?
  • What rocks tell us about the Earth's past?
  • The program also contemplates how the geology of a region can impact the decisions on mining, environmental problems, land utilization, hazard management, and more.

Through the course program the students will be able to pursue the following questions which include:

  • Why are there big mountains out in the hazard service earthquakes on the east coast?
  • Were there ever volcanoes in Colorado? What about oceans?
  • Why are some areas more likely to have geologic threats such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, landslides, or flooding? How does this influence the local populations?

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