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EVRN 142 Global Environment

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This interdisciplinary EVRN 142 Global Environment course and its laboratory part explore the history of long-term relationships between humans and the natural world from the perspective of combining the principles and methodology of the humanities, physics, life and social sciences. Key themes include evolution and the cultural system of Homo sapiens; development of the way of life of hunters, gatherers, fishermen, agriculture and rangelands; ecology of colonialism and industrial civilization, as well as the emergence of ideological and ethical views on the relationship between nature and culture. The laboratory part uses historical and contemporary examples to apply the principles and methods of the humanities, physical, biological and social sciences to the contact between people and the global environment.

The relationship between the environment and people is an interdependent relationship-mutual influence. Therefore, just as our actions and choices affect the environment, the health of the planet also affects our personal health and well-being, as well as our communities, families and economies.

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