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EM 626 Effective Communication for Engineers

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Engineers who want to advance in their profession got to be effective communicators. They have to obviously communicate complex ideas as well as technical project plans. They also got to be strong persuaders. Engineers who are good communicators get recognized by their supervisors as well as by their clients. An engineered solution provides little impact if others don't understand its purpose. Engineers got to be as descriptive as possible to make sure their ideas are understood.

Engineering communication skills are essential for presenting concepts as well as styles are important to the engineering design process. Engineers with the power to obviously communicate can confidently present their ideas to decision-makers in presentations, meetings, as well as reports. Company leaders expect to read as well as listen to professional-level presentations. Spelling mistakes during a report or a mumbled presentation may make an executive consider about an engineering design proposal's reliability. This will make engineering communication skills as important as technical skills.

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