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ELEC 161 Electronics

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This ELEC 161 Electronics course mainly covers analysis and application of the advanced electronic circuits. The above-stated course includes topics, such as, differential amplifiers, input and output impedances, stage gain in decibels, linear IC operational amplifiers, Bode plots, digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital circuits, active filters, oscillators and high frequency amplifiers. The above-stated course mainly focuses in troubleshooting of test circuits and along with the analysis based on computer simulation.

Course outcomes:

  • Examine analog electronic circuits comprising discrete devices like bipolar junction transistors, two-terminal devices, four-terminal devices, and power amplifiers.
  • Examine the analog electronic circuits engaging the Op Amps like high-gain linear amplifiers, inverters, adders, integrators, differentiators, active filters, oscillators, voltage regulators or phase-locked circuits,
  • Provided technical provision of certain application need, design an analog electronics circuit solution throughout a team design project while engaging the roles of societal and ethical matters, self-directed professional development, and nonstop enhancement.

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