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CSIS 3810 Operating System Concepts

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The CSIS 3810 Operating System Concepts course basically investigate, check up and implement Operating and Distributed Systems Concepts. Topics comprise: the history of operating systems, operating system structure, virtualization, computer system organization, resource management, scheduling, processes, threads, concurrency, synchronization, parallel computing, system calls, memory management, file systems, input/output, protection mechanisms, security and distributed systems.

Learning outcomes:

1) Explain the ability to examine and manage processes and services at the systems level, which comprises the multitasking, scheduling and synchronization.

2,) Explain principles and methods of the fundamental input/output (I/O) programming, such as interrupt-driven I/O, processes and threads, inter-process synchronization, concurrency, and communication mechanism, like critical regions comprising monitors and semaphores.

3 Illustrate the comprehension of principles and methods for memory management, on the basis of the contiguous memory; hardware support for static and dynamic partitioning of memory, segmentation protection, and virtual memory and security issues in the operating systems.

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