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BIOL 2600 Medical Terminology

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Brief overview of the course:

This BIOL 2600 Medical Terminology module course covers the fundamental structure of medical terms, comprising roots, prefixes, and suffixes. The main focus will be placed on the terminology of the body systems. All the medical terms associated, such as, anatomy, pathology, physiology, clinical procedures, laboratory tests, along with the medical abbreviations will be covered beneath this course. Under this course, students will as well learn about the medical terminology associated to specialized fields of medicine like cancer medicines, radiology/radiotherapy, nuclear medicines, pharmacology, and psychiatry.

Course learning outcomes:

  • Examine numerous medical terms and encompass a solid base on which to build a bigger vocabulary.
  • Identify medical terms and comprehend the context in which that word will be implemented for all the human body systems.
  • Build medical terms provided the definitions of the term.
  • Precisely pronounce medical terms by reading medical terms and documents in class.
  • Explain the capability to clearly communicate medical terminology concepts by means of both the verbal and written kinds of communication.
  • Prepare professional pamphlet by means of graphics that conveys information to the layperson.
  • Carry out an interview of the health care professional in order to illustrate the capability to communicate medical terminology at the professional level.
  • Produce a professional medical document like discharge summary to build up problem solving competencies.

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