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Commerce and Economic Development

In the CED 6050 Commerce and Economic Development course, students are introduced to optimization, micro- and macroeconomics, market fundamentals, and statistical concepts. Students interested in the curriculum will learn to investigate math, economics, and finance material.

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List of relevant courses, which are covered by the professional tutors of ExpertsMinds

  • CED 5010. Applied Microeconomic Theory
  • CED 6050. Commerce and Economic Development
  • CED 5020. Applied Macroeconomic Theory
  • CED 6051. Open Economy Macroeconomic Analysis
  • CED 5030. Mathematical Methods for Economics
  • CED 6110. Law and Economics
  • CED 5040. Applied Econometrics
  • CED 6070. Economics of Human Capital
  • CED 5050. Commerce and Economic Development
  • CED 6090. Cultural Economic Development
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