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COMMERCE 1DA3 Business Data Analytics

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Business Data Analytics is the critical point on the application of statistical data analysis in business. Students beneath this COMMERCE 1DA3 Business Data Analytics course learn to process and understand different aspects of data and how to use data to understand various business problems. Some examples include visualization, probability, confidence interval, hypothesis testing, simple and multiple regression. Will use the software (as part of course projects) to familiarize and practice applying data analysis methods to business problems.

Big data is changing and driving ubiquitous decision-making. Data from various sources, from large corporations to higher education institutions and government agencies, helps organizations expand reach, increase sales, improve operational efficiency, and launch new products or services.

To understand all of this data and use it to improve competitiveness, companies must apply business intelligence and data analytics simultaneously. Unfortunately, there is often confusion between the two areas, and they seem to be interchangeable. In this article, we'll go over the goals of each function and compare roles and responsibilities to help you clarify the path that's right for you.

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