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CIVL 3010 Civil Engineering Analysis

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Civil engineering discipline is believed as the second oldest discipline of engineering after the military engineering. Civil engineering is a professional discipline that includes the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and natural built environment, especially public sector construction such as roads, bridges, dams, highways, airports, pipelines, sewerage and drainage systems, railways and ports.

Civil engineering disciplines provide many professional opportunities. Coastal engineers specialize in the construction of coastal structures such as ports, seaports, taxation and storm surge barriers to protect densely populated areas from flooding and erosion. Environmental engineers specialize in the design and construction of structures and facilities for the management of chemical, biological or thermal waste.

The CIVL 3010 Civil Engineering Analysis course is quite wide and encompasses numerous topics, such as, applications of calculus and ordinary differential equations, vector algebra, numerical methods, and linear algebraic expressions to practical civil engineering problems. The main focus is based on the computerized methods and civil engineering software.

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