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CGT 141 Computer Graphics Technology

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This CGT 141 Computer Graphics Technology course basically introduces students about creating interactive media. In this course, the students will learn to create fundamental 2D animations and make use of fundamental scripting techniques to create interactive CD-ROM and kiosk projects. The main focus will be placed on addressing specific design and production challenges that arise when creating non-linear projects, basic scripting, animation techniques, memory management, programming issues, basic audio and video, import/export, project management, and production planning.

Course learning:

  • Apply good project management skills.
  • Create storyboards, flowcharts, prototypes, drafts, and pencil tests for creating animations and interactive projects.
  • Modify the contents as needed for efficient memory allocation.
  • Use the basic functions of the authoring software in a way that ensures a good workflow.
  • Import graphics, text, sound and digital video into interactive media.
  • Apply good design and typography skills to screen projects.
  • Create simple 2D animations using scene changes and "camera" techniques to create impactful stories or messages.
  • Interactive multimedia scripts for simple navigation, variables, conditional statements and property changes using mouse and keyboard.
  • Create simple interactive and animated projects with effective navigation, user and organizational feedback.

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