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7LAW1064 Company Law

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The 7LAW1064 Company Law course module basically discusses about the basic concepts, principles, and rules of law that implement to the business transactions. The above stated course comprises the function and working of the business crimes, courts, torts, contract law, intellectual property, along with the application of the Uniform Commercial Code to business actions and recent growths in the business law, like cyber law and electronic commerce.

Course outcomes:

  • Describe the main features of the body of legal rules that manage companies and contemporary growths in association to the body of rules.
  • Explain the theoretical suppositions that determine the manner companies are managed and the manner changes to those suppositions might outcome in the law reform.
  • Significantly evaluate legal and policy analysis in academic journals and other secondary sources concerning the legal rules that manage organizations.
  • Explain the theory of limited partnership and will be able to differentiate them from other partnerships.
  • Deduce and significantly examine the statutory provisions, comprising options to the existing provisions.

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