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CCOM 314 Communicating Science

The CCOM 314 Communicating Science course basically comprehend students about the communication (CCE): preparation of written and oral assignments (in English) targeted at conveying scientific problems to diverse audiences, along with identifying and examining the disciplinary conventions of scientific discourse in terms of audience, purpose, organization and style; comparative rhetorical assessment of academic and popular types, comprising abstracts, laboratory reports, print publications, scientific articles, and online new.

The CCOM 314 Communicating Science course module offers a new conceptual framework for some of the most significant scientific communication goals in the scientific literature today. Beneath this course unit, students will recognized several different goals in the literature, such as building public awareness and moral trust, building public acceptance and enhancing democratic legitimacy, and discussed some of the relationships between the various goals. Finally, students will be examined whether and to what extent these different goals could be said to have been successfully achieved in practice, and found that there is very little empirical literature on evaluating scientific communication performance. The above stated course as well recommend that scientific communicators pay attention to the more precise formulation of their communication goals and conduct systematic research on the effectiveness of their communication efforts.

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