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BUSI 1550 Creativity and Decision Making in Business

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This BUSI 1550 Creativity and Decision Making in Business course module intends to lead the student into all levels of business decision-making, from strategic to operational, and offer them with wide financial understanding, so that, decisions and their effects for business can be assessed introduce a few technical tools that notify the decision-making, comprising further data reduction and statistical models introduce the strategies and concepts of individual and group creativity and implement them in common sense illustrations from business analyze and assess decision-making as the human pursuit in organizations.

Learning outcomes: After the completion of the term, students will be competent to:

  • Comprehend summary of the financial statements and take up ratio analysis.
  • Be competent to compile, handle and explain numerical data for decision support comprising risk and quality control.
  • Be competent to examine and deduce summary financial statements and take up investment appraisal and decisively report the outcomes.
  • Be competent to assess decision-making process and assess risks in the decision-making milieu.
  • Recognize the significant role information management played in decision-making, and utilize simple decision support software.
  • Be competent to draw up a problem and present a case/solution from a business setting, and have efficient report writing and presentation competencies.

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