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Without labour, there will be no work in process in any of the organization or any of the business places. In addition, there were so many laws and rules regarding labour and their working conditions, which have to adhere appropriately and there should be no negligence to them.

So students will be given the information about the principles, rules, ethics, importance about the labour relations and labour management and tell students that why there is need of labour law and why it is to be followed and kept in mind always.

Federal Labour Relations Authority, its introductions and roles played by it, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service and the role of other third parties are being taught to the students.

Topics that are included in the study of the course are:

  • Elections process,
  • Employee rights,
  • Rights and obligations,
  • Union representations,
  • Grievances,
  • Collective bargaining negotiations,
  • Arbitrations,
  • Mediation impasses,
  • Employee rights

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