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ACFI 3203 Business Finance Module,

By undertaking this ACFI 3203 Business Finance module, learners are explored to the important and prime principles of corporate financial decision-making. With Analytical approach, using normative economic theory as the basics philosophical foundation, learners are studied to the three essential parts of business finance, which are namely described below:

  • Financing decisions & its impact on a company's capital structure / methods to optimise the company's gearing levels in terms of the overall cost of capital
  • The selection of a suitable dividend policy with included the underlying theoretical viewpoints on the selection & impact of such policies to both shareholders and the firm
  • Corporate investment decisions & the fundamental tools for their analysis

ACFI 3203 Business Finance module Knowledge in the discipline is built by examining the historical developments of theory that underpin the subject area,  then move on to the evaluation of the practical application of these alternative theoretical viewpoints. At the same scenario, attention will be given to the examination of possible conflict/divergence between theory / empirical evidence in the context of real world practice and current events.

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