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Assessment, Tests, and Measurements

The CNL 523 Assessment, Tests, and Measurements are mainly focused on evaluation, testing, computer-help, computer-system methods and behavioral comments in the course. In the course, students are taught knowledge and guidance about assessment in consultation and tests. The curriculum includes statistical concepts such as indices of variability, measures of central trend, scales of measurement, types of distribution, correlation and validity.

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List of relevant courses, in which professionals of ExpertsMinds provides online assistance:

  • CNL-525: Career Counseling
  • CNL-605: Psychopathology
  • CNL-500: Theories and Models of Counseling
  • CNL-624: Counseling Practicum
  • CNL-527: Principles of Psychopharmacology
  • CNL-644: Assessment of Mental and Emotional Health Status
  • CNL-518: Lifespan and Development
  • CNL-610: Clinical Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment
  • CNL-501: Substance Use Disorders and Addictions
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