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Advanced Business Writing

The WRTG 394 Advanced Business Writing course focuses on project-based study. In this course, students are taught how to develop appropriate documents that conform to the standards of business writing. Students who study this course produce formal reports that relate research to recommendations. Students in the course focus on certain persuasion topics such as context, results, audience, strategies, objectives, techniques, format, style, and organization.  

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List of relevant courses, which are covered by the professional tutors of ExpertsMinds:

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  • WRTG 111 Academic Writing I
  • WRTG 112 Academic Writing II
  • WRTG 101 Introduction to Writing
  • WRTG 394 Advanced Business Writing
  • WRTG 293 Introduction to Professional Writing
  • WRTG 391 Advanced Research Writing
  • WRTG 291 Research Writing
  • WRTG 393 Advanced Technical Writing
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