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Object Oriented Programming is a new form of programming which is focused on objects. Objects contain information or data, as fields or attributes. Code exists in the form of techniques called as methods. Methods can access and modify objects and changing its attributes. Programs are formed by a combination of objects that interact with each other.  There is wide variety of programming languages that are based on OOP; most of them are class-based.

C++, Python, Java etc are most famous programming languages that support Object Oriented in part or full along with procedural programming. VB.NET, Php, Perl, Swift, Scala, Pascal are few other important object oriented languages.

Importance of Object Oriented Programming Course

One of the main utility of OOP is to improve the understanding of developer and help in development and maintenance of code. OOP promotes software reuse and modularization, where number of small modules are assembled together to make a big application modularization. OOP has following major advantages:

  • Include the imperative concepts of C programming language.
  • Follows bottom-up approach
  • Permits hiding the data
  • Preserve the consistency in the development of software
  • Used function to provide the communication between data

OOP concerns with many important concepts, such as core language, Networking, Open recursion, Exceptions, dynamic binding,  File handling, trees, lists, User interface design,  Java Server Pages, etc.

Why students should prefer to join OOP Course?

  • OOP concept of a data class is very useful. Process of inheritance where within a class, many subclasses each of which has some or all characteristics of the parent class could be formed, is helpful in data analysis, detailed understanding of data, lesser development time, and more precise coding.
  • OOP provides security to the entire system and reduces the chance of hacking or data corruption as data class defines only the data it needs to be dealt with, when the data class or corresponding object is run and the code is not be able to access other program data.
  • Concept of data classes enables a programmer to invent any new (not yet defined in the language) data type.
  • Unlike traditional languages like Pascal, which forces programmer to think in terms of specification of t syhee array, stem like memory, bits and bytes, loop etc. while OOP helps in solving real life problems as languages such as Java, C#, C++ etc allow advanced levels of abstractions.

Skills required to for completing OOP assignment

Prior Knowledge of Procedural programming and concepts like data structure is important to learn OOP. OOP is a broad and diverse field. GUI design, class diagrams, Simple UML, implementing class relationships, abstract classes, developing small programs, Subtype polymorphism, are important concepts of OOP. Students who majorly studied about the OOP subject in their colleges need to learn about its Advanced Concepts also. Some of its advanced Concepts are listed as:

  • Net Beans
  • Advanced Object-Oriented Thinking
  • Event-Driven Programming and Animations
  • Threads in OOP
  • Advanced C++ idioms
  • Advanced template usage
  • Client Server Computing
  • CADES & UML 

Difficulties encountered while writing OOP assignments

Understanding the theory of OOP and implementing that knowledge in code are two very different things. How to write common base objects to which can be extended later? And figuring out How to make your code simple enough so that it can be used by others using concepts like class extension, override method etc.

That is the crucial step, and if done right can be extremely exquisite, and if done casually can be exceptionally cumbersome. To get all the above things right a great deal of practice is required. You have taken care of an issue in various conceivable ways. Interfaces, polymorphism and Inheritance etc. are the major ideas that categories any programming language as object oriented. A great deal of theoretical information should be learned about these points before composing a code successfully. It makes it altogether different from procedural programming, where things are much simple and it's only a question of understanding concepts like memory allotment for variables. 

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